Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blog Assignment

For your next assignment, I want you all to create a blog.  You need to use blogger, which is accessible through your chromebooks, and the blog needs to be personalized to you.  It needs to have at least 3 graphics (pictures or videos) about you, and it needs to address 1 current event of your choice at this time.  We will update your blogs throughout the rest of the semester on a weekly or semi-weekly basis.  Once everyone has their blogs up and running, you will all need to visit at least 3 of your classmates blogs and comment on current events of their blogs.

Please title your blog "Your Name - Current Events."

Throughout the rest of the semester, on a weekly basis, I'll try to have a topic of discussion that we can view and you can comment on this blog as a simple assignment as well.

Rubric for Blogs:

  • Student has used blogger to create blog with 1 current event issue - 0 - 10 points
  • Student has included at least 3 graphics - 0 - 15 points
  • Student has creatively individualized their own blogs - 0 - 10 points
  • Student has commented on 3 other blogs - 0 - 10 points

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